Today’s important articles/news in various newspapers (19th January)

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1. Dual duty

The state cannot choose between protecting freedom of expression and preserving law and order. It has a duty to do both.

2. Protecting marriages across castes

Eight years after the National Commission for Women (NCW) proposed a special law to punish honour killings incited by khap panchayats, the Supreme Court has said that adults are free to marry persons of their own choice and hurting couples, or summoning them before clan members, groups, or a khap, is “absolutely illegal”.

3. China’s rise a big disruption, says Jaishankar

The rise of China is a major disruption, Foreign Secretary S. Jaishankar said on Thursday, in comments that mirrored those made by U.S. Pacific Commander (PACOM) Admiral Harry Harris.

4. Report highlights India’s digital divide

Rural Kerala frontrunner in Internet access, rural Bengal at the bottom of the heap.

5. Towards solar-powered agriculture

India must exploit the potential of this technology to help farmers meet irrigation needs.

6. Current challenges to growth, and long-term constraints

Many distortions remain in the regulatory and institutional environment that are inimical for high growth over the long term.

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