How to cover The Hindu news paper?

Many aspirants, like you, would have this question in mind – ‘how much time should I spend daily on The Hindu newspaper reading’?

Why is The Hindu preferred for IAS Preparation?
The Hindu provides essential information and news analysis with facts and data which are very important in UPSC current affairs preparation. Further, The Hindu has good reputation and editorials provide good insight into the current issues.
Apart from The Hindu, you can also refer to The Indian Express paper which is also equally good when it comes to UPSC preparation.
How much time should you invest in The Hindu paper reading?
The ideal time to complete the newspaper is one hour, including note-making. But aspirants preparing in the initial stage may consume more time in reading The Hindu newspaper, which is an acceptable and common phenomenon.
How to complete newspaper within 1 hour?
1. Glance all the newspaper pages once and read the news headlines
2. Mark those headlines which are relevant for UPSC Mains exams
3. Now read the marked news in detail and mark the important points for notes.
4. Once the reading is completed, jot down the important points in your notes.
  • Focus on Issue rather than News : Suppose there is a news headlined as “Supreme Court judge removed from his seat”. So don’t read who is removed, what he did so he is removed, when is he removed. etc. Focus on “How a Supreme Court judge can be removed”, “What provision does our Constitution have for removal of judge from seat”, “What effects could it have on our nation and upcoming generation” etc.
  • Try to Categorise the news in few categories : Divide news or issues in few categories like International RelationsEnvironment & Biodiversity, Personalities and Awards, Government Policies and Schemes, International Organisations, Economic Policies, Science and Technology, Health and Medicine, Miscellaneous etc.
How to read editorial in The Hindu newspaper?
In the newspaper, there are two different aspects – one is news reporting and the other is news analysis.
The news analysis part is covered in the editorial section. In The Hindu, there will be five articles in the editorial section.
In the initial stage, try to read the two editorials written in the left corner of The Hindu editorial section. Because these two editorials are short news analysis and also covers major aspects of the current issues happened recently.
Once you are comfortable with The Hindu newspaper reading, you can focus on Other news editorials written by experts and news analysts.
Since you have to read so many subject topics in UPSC, don’t waste too much time on the newspaper itself. In the initial days, you may spend more than 2 hours, which is acceptable.
Lets take a look at the newspapers and relevant articles for the exam.

1. Any judgement/ruling /remark by Supreme Court/High Court is important. While you note down the judgement ,also understand its relevance in your syllabus.Relate it to Geography /History /Economics/Polity.

2. Identify social issues /challenges facing the society as such .Understand its pros and cons and also note down the recent incidents .You can quote them to substantiate your point .Example -caste riots ,moral policing ,restriction on freedom of speech,etc.

3.Note down any issue being discussed in the Government departments/ministries. Note down the pros and cons of the issue .example -Linking rivers ,water conservation ,etc.

4.Identify schemes/policies/ initiatives of the government .For the prelims ,you will have to know

  • Objectives of the policy
  • Under which ministry /department / it operates.
  • Any special feature of the policy.
  • Who are the members (If its an organisation .eg.Inter State council)
  • Any constitutional provisions related to it .

For the mains ,

  • you will have to understand the issue relating to the policy/scheme and make notes on pros and cons.

Here,you will have to know about CISF and cyber crime in detail.

5.While reading the editorial , identify the issue first .Then find out points in favour and against it .Please understand the the editorials have a bias towards one opinion. So,it is your duty to identify points ,both for the topic and against the topic.

Here ,the issue is on the powers of AFSPA . A judgement has triggered this debate.

As time progresses, you should reduce your time in the newspaper, and it should be done within 1 hour.
Thank you!

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