Last minute revision is the key to cracking the exam. We’ve been preparing for months to finalize the right format which will deal with topics in the right amount of depth as per the requirement of the exam and helps you with maximum retention.

Whats the plan?

  1. You will be given one day to read some section of syllabus. Next day we will discuss in class that section. We will going to cover trivial facts also which can be asked in prelims. We are not going to miss any part of it.
  2. After that we will not only solve but also analyse the last year prelims questions together with discussion.
  3. Covering 1 years of current affairs: Over 40 hours of class + intensive notes on all subject
  4. Conceptual Subjects will be covered in lecture format but with 2 way discussion

Here we will cover in comparison format so that retain-ship of lecture will be high.

For example, during covering of removal of President, we  will be covering removal of very other constitutional authorities all together at one place.

Similarly In case of modern history if we take the topic of Constitutional development in India , Many people get confused about when elections were introduced in British India some people think that it was started with 1892 act, however, if we closely observe we will find that in 1892, there was the system where The universities, district board, municipalities, zamindars and chambers of commerce were empowered to recommend members to provincial councils.

Plus all constitutional developments will be covered together by covering their differences.

Similarly In case of Economics if we take the topic of Monetary Policy and compare Marginal standing facility with LAF we will find that In case of MSF Bank can maximum borrow up to 2% of its NDTL while in case of LAF Bank can borrow any amount of money as long as it has the securities to sell. So all trivial issues related with banking will be covered together

Dedicated class for Economic Survey, Budget, Govt. schemes, policies etc.

Note: Serious candidates will be given opportunity of phone call also with me ( Pavan sir) to clear any doubts if coming during these action plan days.


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