‘Integrated Development of Wildlife Habitats’

The ‘Integrated Development of Wildlife Habitats’ (IDWH) is an on-going
Centrally Sponsored Scheme. Under IDWH, the financial assistance is provided to State/UT Governments for protection and conservation of wildlife and its habitats in
Protected Areas (PAs) as well as outside PAs and also for the recovery programmes of the critically endangered species.

The scheme has following three components:
i. Support to Protected Areas (National Parks, Wildlife Sanctuaries, Conservation reserves and Community Reserves).
ii. Protection of Wildlife outside Protected Areas.
iii. Recovery programmes for saving critically endangered species and habitats.
The activities supported under the scheme are:
i. Management planning and capacity building.
ii. Anti-poaching and infrastructure development.
iii. Restoration of habitats.
iv. Ecodevelopment and community oriented activities

All the Protected Areas (excluding Tiger reserves) are covered under this Scheme.

IDWH has helped in conservation and improvement of habitats of the critically
endangered species like
Asiatic lion,
Snow leopard,
Manipur Browantlered deer,
Nilgiri Tahr,
Great Indian bustard,
Asian wild buffalo,
Edible-nest Swiftlets,
Swamp Deer,
Malabar Civet,
Gangetic River Dolphin,
Marine Turtles,
Vulture etc.

Population of the critically endangered species like lion, vulture, Manipur Brow-antlered deer, Edible-nest Swiftlets has increased.

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