Do we need to follow Toppers talk always to make study plan?

People follow toppers blindly during preparation of any exam. Reality is, everyone forgets about his/her struggle ones they clear an exam and if you ask them how they did it, the answer will always be a biased one, far away from reality.

Why i am saying this is because recently I was told a story of one topper (AIR 75) by one of his acquaintance . For 4 years he was in Delhi, gave in all the efforts to this exam, attended multiple coaching classes as per relevant subject teachers, test series, subject materials from friends, everything a normal student does. He was ex-merchant navy so had enough money to pay for all his expenses.

Once he cleared the exam(after failing for 3 times), in an interview, he said that because of poor financial conditions he prepared at home and visited Delhi only for test series and to purchase study material. He was focused for this exam all the time and studied regularly for 10–12 hours. This is all that is needed to clear this exam. However, in reality he got so depressed that he attempted Railways Group C exam as well.

My point is,

  • Let me say this first, if you are an average student, NEVER ever listen to advice or motivation from consistent toppers because you are different from them and your surroundings and family conditions are also different from them. Their methods will NOT work for you so don’t give much emphasis.
  • Their abilities and your abilities are different. So, try to seek your weaknesses, and methods to eliminate them. It will help you far more than watching interviews of toppers where they claim to have studied normally. Nobody clears the exam by studying normally. This journey is really tough and you are not any exception.
  • Honesty is a rare commodity. People rarely speak the truth once they clear the exam. You are not listening to the actual story but to their side of the story.
  • Because of biased interviews by toppers, average students feel that they are good for nothing while the reality is everything goes through the same level of depression during preparations.
  • Preparation for Tina Dabi (AIR 1) started the day when her mother told her to take Arts instead of Science when she was in class 10th. While generally most people start preparing for IAS once they reach final years of their college. So, how can you follow such toppers and reach the goal in time when they themselves put in nearly 5–6 years before giving their 1st attempt. Try to understand the reality first. She went through all that pain which you are undergoing. Only the timing is different. My intention is not to defame her but to help you understand that everyone is different.

My point is: You will get many inspirational stories to read on Internet. Prepare for your exam and avoid looking for biased motivation.

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