How do I get motivated every single day?

No one can stay motivated every single day. 

So you’re question should be,

“How can I achieve my goal by not distracting a single day?”.

Well the answer is simple, but Following it, is very difficult.

Don’t try to stay Motivated.

The more you want to stay motivated, the more you want to remove the distractions form your life and more meticulous you become about your Surroundings, Friends, Experiences. Which itself brings more into a distraction.

Philosopher Alan Watts referred the “The Backwards Law” as

The desire for more positive experience is itself a negative experience. And, paradoxically, the acceptance of one’s negative experience is itself a positive experience.

It’s total puzzle, I know.

So, what should you do? Here’s a short itinerary that you need to plan.

  • Plan Short Targets. Say, of two or three days or maybe a week. But while setting those short goals, you need to keep the ultimate goal on your mind. At the end, combining these short targets is gonna gelp you shape your ultimate goal.
  • Don’t Cut Yourself off. Deactivating Facebook, Uninstalling WhatsApp makes us more anxious about what’s happening in our friend circle. Though we know that nobody gives a shit about our existence on our Facebook or WhatsApp. And those who do, doesn’t care that we chat with them or not.
  • Limit Audience. Your Father’s Cousin’s Children doesn’t give a shit about what you achieve but They give a shit about what you can’t achieve. So, try to limit your connections who just accept who you are no Matter your achievements.
  • Loosen your Realtionship. And by loosen I don’t mean that Breakup with your Partner. Just don’t try anything New. Don’t engage too much in a relationship. Don’t just commit anything which is based on a goal for which you are asking to stay motivated.

And finally,

Dress well, Look good, Eat Healthy, Workout, meditate, Entertain yourself. If you follow only 3 of them you’re gonna stay motivated for your cause.

  • Please do read this book if getting time, you’ll get you answers automatically if you religiously follow this.

Thank you!

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