What went wrong in not clearing Prelims? Story from looser, not topper!

We have read so many stories from Toppers about how to clear UPSC Exam and most of provide same shit of glorification and present themselves as victim and then provide some do’s and dont’s . Most of start following same strategy without understanding the ecology of topper under which he/she had studied.

Here I am providing a story of a guy who failed in Prelims 2018 and he will tell where he failed in-spite of doing hard-work for entire one year before giving exam.

Since I beileve that one day of Pre is culmination of what you have done the entire year, you can’t blame it on one particular day (3rd June, 2018). So I will be dividing my shortcomings in two phases.

Phase One ( Preparation Stage )

Let’s face it, the Motivation to study for the examination comes when you see that the dooms day is approaching and that’s when you put foot on the pedal, but this being UPSC, if you do that, you are already late and might as well start preparing for the next year. Though this was not the case for me, my effort somewhat lacked in the sense I was not following newspaper with due dilligence, and not making notes of it. ( Though I know people who didn’t make notes and yet cleared Pre, but as the human behaviour goes, You blame on everything when you fail, and give yourself credit to everything you do when you succeed).

My Serious Preparation Started for Pre in the month of February, 2018. Before that I was busy with my Mains preparation, which I think now was quite late for me but nevertheless with all the zeal I had, I started with the Magazines and my Prelims Mock test paper. This year I thought of completing every Mock Tests of every Institute so that I’d keep no stones unturned for my preparation. To give you a brief, I did Vision, Shiksha IAS, IAS BABA, Insights and Vajiram’s Test. But given the plethora of test that I did, my mistake was that I didn’t have time left to revise all of them and that my friends can become a calamity. Because and I realise that the key is to Revise and Revise what you have studied not to gather new information at this stage.

I think I just wanted my ego satisfied that I have finished this many set of test series and maybe give a false sense of hope to my self that I covered all the lenghts and breadths of Topics there is to study for the Pre, so that nothing they ask is unknown to me ( UPSC can still surprise you, Trust me). So revision is kind of a key here.

Phase Two ( Dooms day )

After three years of preparation with no taste of success you kind of get desparate on how well you have to perform in the exam. This desparation turns into caution when you mark your responses in your OMR. Even if you know the correct answer you think twice because of negative marking and cutthroat competition(this year’s vacancy was on the lowest end as compared to previous years).

I marked around 79 questions and left around 12 question which I was unsure of, but could have been attempted. Rest 9 question were unheard of, like bouncers if you may call. Turns out if I had marked those 12 questions, I would have got 8 right (its just probability), trust me it’s huge when it comes to UPSC (hence I say Luck. I was getting in range of 93–97).

Because( read as a contributing factor) of hesitation and fear I missed this year’s chance to write mains. Coming to CSAT, Quant being my weakest topic also pushed me to the other end. But now all that’s PAST.

In my concluding Remarks I’d say that I have many friends who because of some reason or the other have left the preparation in haste. I am glad that I am not one of them. It’s better to Question yourself now than to Question yourself later ,” What would have happened if I would have given that one more attempt?”

Hence I’d like to leave you all with these below guiding motivational quotes:-

“Failure is simply the oppurtunity to begin again, this time more intelligently”

“Failure becomes Permanent only when you stop trying”

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