PIB Gist: 01 May 2019

All modules getting ready for Chandrayaan-2 launch

All modules getting ready for Chandrayaan-2 launch


  • All modules of Chandrayaan-2 are getting ready for launch in July 2019.

About Chandrayaan-2 mission

  • Chandrayaan-2, India’s second lunar mission, has three modules namely Orbiter, Lander (Vikram) & Rover (Pragyan).
  • The Orbiter and Lander modules will be interfaced mechanically and stacked together as an integrated module and accommodated inside the GSLV MK-III launch vehicle.
  • The Rover is housed inside the Lander. After launch into earth bound orbit by GSLV MK-III, the integrated module will reach Moon orbit using Orbiter propulsion module.
  • Subsequently, Lander will separate from the Orbiter and soft land at the predetermined site close to lunar South Pole.
  • Further, the Rover will roll out for carrying out scientific experiments on the lunar surface. Instruments are also mounted on Lander and Orbiter for carrying out scientific experiments.

Workshop on “Space Warfare and Technology”


  • Directorate of Indian Defence University (IDU) is organizing a two day workshop on “Space Warfare and Technology” for senior and middle level officers from the three Services.

Significance of Workshop

  • This workshop is relevant especially in light of Defence Space Agency being raised and three Services energising their own capabilities.
  • It is to be seen as to how the Defence Space Agency will fit in the entire gambit of space domain utilisation in our country and efficiently perform its role for which it is being raised.

Objectives of Workshop

  • Weaponisation and Militarisation of Space
  • Preparation for Absorption of High-End Technology for Self-Sustenance in Space Operations
  • Space Innovations and Technology Exploitation
  • Inertial Navigation Systems and Sensors
  • Legal aspects of military use of space
  • Building Capacity – Training, Human Resource and Research & Development
  • Adversarial Capability in Space Domain & Way Forward for Indian Armed Forces

Indian and French Navies conduct Varuna


The first part of the Indo-French joint naval exercise, Varuna 19.1 will be conducted off the Goa coast.

About Varuna

  • The exercise will be conducted in two phases:
  • The harbour phase at Goa would include cross-visits, professional interactions and discussions and sports events.
  • The sea phase would comprise various exercises across the spectrum of maritime operations.
  • The second part of Varuna is scheduled to be held at the end of May in Djibouti.
  • The bilateral naval exercise initiated in 1983 form a vital part of the Indo-French strategic partnership.
  • Having grown in scope and complexity over the years, this exercise exemplifies the strong relations between the two nations, in line with the Joint Strategic Vision of India-French Cooperation in the Indian Ocean Region
  • The Varuna exercise aims at developing interoperability between the two navies and fostering mutual cooperation by learning from each other’s best practices to conduct joint operations.
  • The exercise underscores the shared interests and commitment of both nations in promoting maritime security.

Electoral Bond Scheme 2018


The Government of India has notified the Electoral Bond Scheme 2018.

About Electoral Bond

It is like a promissory note that can be bought by any Indian citizen or company incorporated in India from select branches of State Bank of India.

The citizen can then donate the same to any eligible political party of his/her choice.

The government’s argument was that banks would be able to track the buyers of electoral bonds through their KYC details and thus ensure that clean money comes into the system, while protecting the donor’s anonymity.

Only the Political Parties registered under the Representation of the People Act, 1951 and which secured atleast 1% of the votes polled in the last General Election to the House of the People or the Legislative Assembly of the State, shall be eligible to receive the Electoral Bonds.

The Electoral Bonds shall be valid for fifteen calendar days from the date of issue and no payment shall be made to any payee Political Party if the Electoral Bond is deposited after expiry of the validity period.

The Electoral Bond deposited by an eligible Political Party in its account shall be credited on the same day.

ICAT – A World Class Automotive Testing Centre


  • The automotive industry is the sunshine industry in India contributing to over 7.5% to country’s GDP. Government of India has huge focus to facilitate and grow this industry.

About ICAT

  • Creation of new automotive test centres in the country under NATRIP project, is an important step forward by the Government to support the need of the automotive industry in the backdrop of tightening regulatory framework and technology shift driven by market forces.
  • ICAT is an important element of the automotive sector, with its world-class infrastructure and domain expertise providing services in development, testing, validation and homologation.
  • The International Centre for Automotive Technology (ICAT), Manesar, is a leading world class automotive testing, certification and R&D service provider
  • ICAT continues its endeavour towards knowledge sharing and dissemination, through seminars and events, on important topics like Power Train, Emission, HEV and EV technology, NVH, Crash, Lighting, Inspection & Certification and Fatigue.
  • ICAT intends to eventually transform it into an automotive product development centre.

Automotive electrical and electronics lab (AEEL)

  • The AEEL is an important lab considering the rapid increase in the use of electrical and electronics in vehicles.
  • The lab offers services for certification and validation for wide range of electrical and electronics components.

Tyre Test Lab (TTL)

  • ICAT has world class tyre test facilities being operated and managed by highly skilled and experienced team to deliver quality and swift services to customers.
  • Tyre Test Lab is providing services to the tyre industry, vehicle manufactures and Bureau of Indian Standards.
  • ICAT has transformed this lab into centre of excellence by developing new capabilities including the dual station endurance test rig and tyre rolling resistance test rig.

Passive Safety Lab (PSL)

  • Passive Safety Lab is dedicated to support automotive industry for their needs of Crash Testing (Regulatory as well as Developmental), pedestrian protection testing, sled testing and airbag deployment testing.
  • The PSL has state of the art test facilities capable of conducting crash testing of vehicles as per Indian and international regulations.
  • Some of the services offered are frontal impact crash test, side impact crash test, side pole impact, rear impact test, static rollover and pedestrian protection testing.

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