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Alternative Systems of Medicine in India: An Overview (June 2019 Yojna)

Traditional Medicine (TM) along with Complementary Medicine (CM) and Alternative Medicine (AM) are terminologies that are often used interchangeably for a broad range of healthcare practices, theory, service delivery and systems in both Eastern and Western parts of the world (including for Ayurvedic Medicine, naturopathy, traditional Chinese medicine and homeopathy etc) that have developed separately… Continue reading Alternative Systems of Medicine in India: An Overview (June 2019 Yojna)

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Narendra Modi’s Bhutan visit

Context Prime Minister Narendra Modi made a two-day visit to Bhutan which is being seen as a bid to diversify India’s partnership with the kingdom from the hydro-power sector to enhanced trade and linkages in space and education. Background The relationship between India and Bhutan is built on traditional closeness, one that is unique in… Continue reading Narendra Modi’s Bhutan visit

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Defence Reforms: Chief of Defence Staff

Context In his Independence Day speech, PM announced that India will soon have a Chief of the Defence Staff (CDS). The CDS is meant to be a single-point military advisor to the government, and to coordinate long-term planning, procurement, training and logistics of the three services. Its creation was recommended in 2001 by the Group of Ministers… Continue reading Defence Reforms: Chief of Defence Staff