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A New Battlefront in the WTO

Context: U.S. President Donald Trump recently attacked the World Trade Organization (WTO) for allowing countries such as India and China to engage in unfair trade practices that affect American economic interests. World Trade Organization (WTO): The WTO was envisaged as an international trade body to help foster more trading in goods and services between nations. It tries to achieve the goals… Continue reading A New Battlefront in the WTO

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Will India Change its ‘No First Use’ Policy?

Context: Recently, Defence Minister Rajnath Singh stated that in the future, India’s ‘No First Use’ (NFU) promise depends on circumstances. History: India initiated nuclear weapons development after its war with China in 1962. China carried out nuclear tests in 1964 and subsequent years. In 1974, India conducted its first nuclear tests at Pokhran, dubbed as a ‘peaceful nuclear explosion’. International pressure to make India abandon its… Continue reading Will India Change its ‘No First Use’ Policy?

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India-France Relations

Context The Prime Minister of India, Mr Narendra Modi, visited France for an official visit at the invitation of the President of the French Republic, Mr Emmanuel Macron, for a bilateral summit on 22nd and 23rd August 2019 in Paris and to participate in the G7 Summit, on 25th and 26th August 2019, in Biarritz, under the French presidency… Continue reading India-France Relations

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Cyber Crime: Data Deprivation and Data Localisation

Context In recent times, there have been many instances of the hard-earned money of Indians being taken out of bank accounts and charges loaded onto credit cards through online frauds. These cyber crimes shake people’s faith in digital systems. The scepticism vis-a-vis online transactions also hurts the potential of emerging companies, tomorrow’s successes which could… Continue reading Cyber Crime: Data Deprivation and Data Localisation