Answer Writing Steps

STEP 1: Address the question:

This is the most important aspect but unfortunately also the most ignored aspect of answer writing. We are in so much hurry to write that we often jump the gun.

Break-down the question in parts as needed, in following image there’s an illustration of question breakdown.


STEP 2: Introduction: (opening is a skill)

DON’T BEAT AROUND THE BUSHES. Hit the Bulls eye by directly attacking the question. In order to make your answer sound homogenous think about the conclusion in the very beginning and in the end your conclusion should reflect introduction. This makes an answer holistic.

Ways to start an answer:

  • Use words from the question itself
  • Start with a (highly relevant) quote
  • Link with current affairs, recent news ( this shows your presence of mind and common awareness ), this also justifies the reason why is the question being asked.
  • Quote Reports if you remember any, constitutional provisions, Courts judgments etc.
  • Be innovative (by this I mean “be creative” and not start innovating new things)

STEP 3: Body: (knowledge and creativity)

This must form at least 80% of your answer. This portion is the test of your knowledge on subject matter.

  • Writing vague answers is strictly prohibited ( in fact it is injurious to health) you may end up loosing marks
  • DON’T write wrong facts or quotes it will put a negative impression on checker and checker will be cynical throughout the paper checking
  • Must write in innovative and appealing manner. You can make use of some illustrations, figures, charts etc
  • Support every information, fact by the relevant Report ( census report, forest survey, HDI report, World Bank Report and so on)
  • in case of conventional subjects like History, Geography, Polity try to establish inter-subject and intra-subject linkages. It shows that you have understood the subject holistically and your analytical abilities.

STEP 4: Conclusion: (skill based)

As said already your conclusion should link your introduction to achieve the thematic homogeneity of the answer.

  • In case of you have used a quote to open your answer, give a closure to that quote.
  • Words from Question can be used in conclusion in order to show that you have not dragged out of track.

STEP 5: BROWNIES: (Use Innovation)

As now you are done with your answer, normal Aspirants will stop here, but for you it is the time to express some good values like:

  • Share words of wisdom
  • Link with words of preamble, constitutional provisions like Liberty, justice, freedom of information etc..
  • Give a futuristic view (this works in majority cases).

Thank you!

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