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Source to cover the security portion of GS3 for 2019?

The best source to cover security portion of GS 3 in UPSC CSE Mains 2019 :

1. In the light of NIA (Amd) BILL discuss critically the salient features of the National Investigation Agency (NIA) regarding its purposes and jurisdiction. The National Investigation Agency (Amendment) Bill, 2019

2. What are Central Armed forces? What are the problems and challenges faced by India’s central armed forces? Do you think they are in urgent need of overhaul? Discuss. India’s Central Armed Police Forces Are in Urgent Need of Overhaul…

3. “Police reforms in India have remained a contentious issue.” Critically analyse issues facing Police.

4. How organized crime in India is reinforcing Terrorism? What are the interlinkages especially with regard to terror funding? Mohit Gupta: How is organised crime in India reinforcing terrorism? What are the linkages especially with regard to terror funding?

5. UAPA (Amendment) Bill 2019 violates the very international laws it quotes, defies principles of natural justice

6. India’s coasts have always been vulnerable to criminals and anti-national activities. Discuss the factors that add to vulnerabilities of Indian coastline. India’s Coastal Security

7. UAVs have started to gain prominence since the last decade, where incidents of near misses with aircraft, breaches of privacy and threats of terrorism have started to become increasingly reported. In this context discuss security threats posed by drones. What are the measures taken by India to counter these threats?

8. In view of the changing security situations in the region, there is an urgent need for modernization and indigenisation for the armed forces. Critically examine steps taken by government in modernization of defence sector.

9. The growing illicit use of digital currencies undermine national security .Discuss the threats posed by crypto currency and challenges in combatting it.

10. Smart fencing on borders is an effective deterrent against illegal infiltration. Analyze the features of smart borders. Smart fences to thwart border infiltration

11. What do you understand by lone wolf attack? What threat do they pose to internal security of India? Lone Wolf Attacks: An Assessment in the Indian Context

12. Criminalizing the laundering of the proceeds of crimes related to human trafficking is an important part of a comprehensive strategy to combat human trafficking. In this context examine the legal and institutional structure to prevent and penalize Money laundering Anti Money Laundering 2019 | India | ICLG

13. Poor security infrastructure is the Achilles heel for enterprise IoT devices. Discuss Poor security infrastructure is the Achilles heel for enterprise IoT devices

14. Import of telecom equipment’s have raised national security issues. In this context, discuss the need for indigenous manufacturing of telecom equipment’s in India. Security concerns should be addressed before adopting 5G: Airtel

15. Indian Army’s “Cold Start” doctrine to seize control of Pakistani territory might be intimidating but will not lead to a “landslide” victory against nuclear-armed Pakistan. Do you agree with this opinion? In this context, critically examine Pakistan’s policy of use of strategic nuclear weapons.

16. Discuss the inter linkages between organised crime and terrorism .

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