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Right to Internet Access and Digital Literacy

Recently, the Kerala High Court, in Faheema Shirin v. the State of Kerala case, declared the right to Internet access as a fundamental right forming a part of the right to privacy and the right to education under Article 21 of the Constitution. The court held that, in an information society, unequal access to the Internet creates and reproduces… Continue reading Right to Internet Access and Digital Literacy

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United Nations Climate Action Summit

Context United Nations Climate Action Summit was held in New York. It was convened to identify urgent and concrete solutions to climate change. Mr. Modi’s speech It covered four important aspects of India’s climate action — the push for renewable energy, electric mobility, mixing of biofuel to reduce consumption of fossil fuels, and the Jal… Continue reading United Nations Climate Action Summit


Reforming Centrally Sponsored Scheme

Recently, the union government has amended the terms of reference (ToR) issued to the Fifteenth Finance Commission, asking it to examine a separate mechanism for funding of defence and internal security. The amendment is based on the rationale that if Union government is required to contribute through Centrally Sponsored Scheme (CSS), on the matters of the… Continue reading Reforming Centrally Sponsored Scheme

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Supreme Court of UK: Suspending Parliament was unlawful

Background The prime minister asked Queen Elizabeth II to approve the suspension of Parliament from September 10 to October 14 on the basis of needing time to prepare a new legislative agenda. This could allow a “no deal” Brexit to be forced through The move to “prorogue” parliament will effectively lock lawmakers out of the building for several… Continue reading Supreme Court of UK: Suspending Parliament was unlawful