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Rethinking Water Management Issues

Background In December 2018, NITI Aayog released its ‘Strategy for New India @75’ which defined clear objectives for 2022-23, with an overview of 41 distinct areas. In this document, however, the strategy for ‘water resources’ is dull and unrealistic as the successive National Water Policies (NWP). Effective strategic planning must satisfy three essential requirements. One, acknowledge and analyse past… Continue reading Rethinking Water Management Issues

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Co-operative Banking in India

Recently, the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) imposed restrictions on withdrawals from Punjab and Maharashtra Cooperative (PMC) Bank, which triggered a panic among bank customers. It has brought to the fore the issue of riskiness of banks, especially co-operative banks and the need to restore confidence among customers. Cooperative Banking A Co-operative bank is a financial entity… Continue reading Co-operative Banking in India

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Second Informal Summit between India and China

The second informal summit (Mamallapuram summit) between leaders of India and China is scheduled to take place on October 2019. At Wuhan summit 2018, both sides agreed that such informal meetings will be held regularly to propel the future direction of India-China relations. These informal meetings are aimed at ensuring higher levels of strategic communications between India and China.… Continue reading Second Informal Summit between India and China

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Sedition Law

Recently, a lower court in Bihar directed the filing of an FIR under section 124A (Sedition) of IPC against 49 eminent persons who signed an open letter to the Prime Minister of India expressing concerns over mob lynching. This court decision warrants an urgent and fresh debate on the need to repeal the sedition law. Historical Background of Sedition… Continue reading Sedition Law