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Yemen Crisis

Yemeni Revolution The Yemeni Uprising (intifada), and also known as the Yemeni Revolution of Dignity followed the initial stages of the Tunisian Revolution and occurred simultaneously with the Egyptian Revolution of 2011 and other Arab Spring protests In its early phase, protests in Yemen were initially against unemployment, economic conditions and corruption, as well as… Continue reading Yemen Crisis

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Indo-Afghan relations!

The India–Afghanistan relationship is not a simple bilateral engagement. India’s Afghan policy is driven by many extraneous factors such as its geographical constraints, its search for a transit route to Central Asia through Afghanistan and Iran, its troubled relationship with Pakistan and the growing threat of terrorism in India and Afghanistan etc. The centuries-old ties… Continue reading Indo-Afghan relations!

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India – ASEAN and Look East Policy

Despite India’s geographical proximity to South-East Asia, sharing over 1,600 km of land boundary with Myanmar and maritime boundaries with Myanmar, Thailand and Indonesia, South-East Asia was hardly a priority area in Indian foreign policy before the 1990s. Initiated in the early part of the 1990s, India’s ‘Look East’ policy has been directed to the… Continue reading India – ASEAN and Look East Policy

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India Bhutan Relations

Strategic Importance of Bhutan for India Bhutan in a buffer state between India and china. Bhutan shares a 470 km long border with China. Traditionally, the Himalayan kingdom acted as a buffer state between the India and China. Strategic importance: The Chumbi Valley is situated at the trijunction of Bhutan, India and China and is 500 km away from… Continue reading India Bhutan Relations

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All about Vienna Conventions

Vienna Convention can mean any of a number of treaties signed in Vienna. Notable are: several treaties and conventions resulted from the Congress of Vienna (1814–15) which redrew the map of Europe, only partially restoring the pre-Napoleonic situation, and drafted new rules for international relations Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations (1961) Vienna Convention on Civil… Continue reading All about Vienna Conventions

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First cargo truck under BBIN pact reaches Delhi

First cargo truck under BBIN pact reaches Delhi The first cargo truck under the Bangladesh, Bhutan, India and Nepal (BBIN) Motor Vehicle Agreement for cross border movement reached Delhi recently. Key facts: The cargo truck was dispatched from Dhaka on August 27 as part of a trial run and arrived at the Inland Customs Depot… Continue reading First cargo truck under BBIN pact reaches Delhi

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Indo-US Strategic Ties: Where Is It Heading?

The relationship between India and USA which has been on an upward curve for some time is further seeing an upward trend. The crucial LEMOA (Logistics Exchange Memorandum of Agreement) recently signed by both the countries is a significant step towards strategic and defence ties. What does the Agreement mean? It provides for automatic approvals… Continue reading Indo-US Strategic Ties: Where Is It Heading?

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BREXIT and Its Impact

BREXIT Brexit is a term used to define United Kingdom coming out of EU. Recently in a referendum conducted in United Kingdom, UK voted by a narrow margin in favour of Brexit. Negotiations are undergoing currently between United Kingdom and European Parliament to negotiate the terms of the exit deal. About EU European Union or… Continue reading BREXIT and Its Impact

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Hardship of Indians in the Gulf

Issue With the fall of oil prices, economy of the Gulf nations has slowed down. It resulted in the loss of jobs of several thousands of Indian workers in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and many other countries. The condition is so bad that Indian Consulate is distributing food to these people. Reasons for the Economic Hardship… Continue reading Hardship of Indians in the Gulf

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Arctic opportunities

The Indian Express One of the most dramatic effects of global warming is seen in the Arctic region. In recent years the ice in the Arctic Sea has been melting rapidly. In 2007, a large part of the Arctic Sea became ice free in summer months for the first time in living history. The melting… Continue reading Arctic opportunities