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Explained: What Railways restructure means

Why is it important? For GS Paper 2 (Contribution of Civil service), GS paper 4 (Morale of Civil servants) and Public Administration Paper 1 and Paper 2 Why in news? The Cabinet recently approved trimming of the Railway Board, the powerful body that governs the Indian Railways. From nine, the Board will now have only five… Continue reading Explained: What Railways restructure means

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Digital Taylorism

A modern version of “scientific management” threatens to dehumanise the workplace FREDERICK TAYLOR was the most influential management guru of the early 20th century. His “Principles of Scientific Management” was the first management blockbuster. His fans included Henry Ford, who applied many of his ideas in his giant River Rouge car plant, and Vladimir Lenin,… Continue reading Digital Taylorism

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INFRACON, ePACE and up-Scaled INAM PRO launched

The government has launched ePACE, INFRACON and an updated version of INAMPRO, three innovative IT initiatives of the Ministry of Road Transport & Highways, developed in house by NHIDCL(National Highways and Infrastructure Development Corporation Ltd.) Details: ePACE (Projects Appraisal & Continuing Enhancements) is an online integrated Management Information System that brings projects from all wings… Continue reading INFRACON, ePACE and up-Scaled INAM PRO launched

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Behavioral Research into public policy

With the recent executive order, issued by the US president Obama, asking US agencies to integrate ‘nudges’ in their daily operations, the US has joined a group of countries including the UK, Australia, Singapore, and institutions like the World Bank who have been using and advocating behavioural research to dramatically improve public policy design, and… Continue reading Behavioral Research into public policy

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Public and Private sector

The debate about reforms pivoted on one central axis. What should be the role of the public and private sectors in development? This debate is not as simple as ideological purists think. And the mere rolling back of the licence-permit raj in areas of industrial production was only a small part of this debate. Admittedly,… Continue reading Public and Private sector

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A compilation of state-level good practices

Good Practices Resource Book 2015, focusing on social-sector delivery. By “social sector” one often means education and health. (child protection, education, environment, financial inclusion, food security and public distribution, health, infrastructure and development, local governance, social security, water and sanitation, and women’s empowerment — have a broader “social security” canvas) One, child protection — Sampark… Continue reading A compilation of state-level good practices

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Create 3P India, provide flexibility in PPP contracts

A committee under Vijay Kelkar has suggested the revival of a defunct proposal to establish 3P India to support PPP projects. It also called for an amendment to the Prevention of Corruption Act (PoCA) to clarify the difference between cases of graft and genuine errors in decision-making. It also recommended setting up of independent regulators for… Continue reading Create 3P India, provide flexibility in PPP contracts

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Mobile Governance Programme

Objective–Delivery of public services through mobile platform Steps taken to implement Mobile Governance so far- A Mobile Applications Store (m-AppStore) has been developed as part of Mobile Seva project and currently hosts over 659 mobile applications Citizens can now directly interact with Government Departments through SMS. As on date, over 583 public services have been… Continue reading Mobile Governance Programme