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A Road Map for Criminal Justice System

Recently, Central Home Minister has written to all States, for conducting detailed study and suggesting reforms in the criminal justice system to make Indian criminal laws more people friendly. Criminal Justice System in India Criminal Justice System refers to the agencies of government charged with enforcing law, adjudicating crime, and correcting criminal conduct. The criminal… Continue reading A Road Map for Criminal Justice System


Reforming Centrally Sponsored Scheme

Recently, the union government has amended the terms of reference (ToR) issued to the Fifteenth Finance Commission, asking it to examine a separate mechanism for funding of defence and internal security. The amendment is based on the rationale that if Union government is required to contribute through Centrally Sponsored Scheme (CSS), on the matters of the… Continue reading Reforming Centrally Sponsored Scheme

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Jan Soochna Portal

Recently, the government of Rajasthan had launched Jan Soochna Portal (JSP), which is in concurrence with the spirit of Right to Information Act (RTI). This virtually makes JSP a Janta Information System. JSP envisages public disclosure of data, which is the furtherance of civil society reforms initiated by the RTI, making it in synergy with good governance. Thus, JSP… Continue reading Jan Soochna Portal

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Towards restorative criminal justice

Article Link Criminal Law of India is a replica of colonial times. It is hostile to the poor and the weaker sections of society. The law still serves and protects the needs of the haves and ignores the have-nots. Such biasness has resulted in rich people escaping law and the jail is more often full… Continue reading Towards restorative criminal justice

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A Ringside View of the Proposed GST

Article Link If implemented, GST will be the single most important tax reform in the country since independence. However, it has been in the offing for a decade now and continues to figure as a top priority on the economic agenda of the government. What’s the issue now? Although the model GST has been the… Continue reading A Ringside View of the Proposed GST

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Public and Private sector

The debate about reforms pivoted on one central axis. What should be the role of the public and private sectors in development? This debate is not as simple as ideological purists think. And the mere rolling back of the licence-permit raj in areas of industrial production was only a small part of this debate. Admittedly,… Continue reading Public and Private sector

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Misdiagnosis of the Rajya Sabha malfunction

Mohammad Tahir representing Bihar in the Constituent Assembly during the debate on the Constitution on July 28, 1947 said that “the Upper House is a creation of imperialism” and argued that independent India did not need it. To which Gopalaswami Ayyangar, replied that “the role of the Upper House is merely to delay legislation which might… Continue reading Misdiagnosis of the Rajya Sabha malfunction

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Municipal Bonds

What is Municipal Bonds? Municipal bonds (also known as munis) are debt vehicles issued by state and local governments to finance their operations and fund municipal projects. Debt instrument may be a perplexing term, but think of municipal bonds as loans from lenders to state and local governments. In the case of municipal bonds, many… Continue reading Municipal Bonds

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Court-monitored CBI probes: Is judiciary overstepping its brief?

Observation made by Parliamentary Committee — Parliamentary committee has raised a question on increasing number of court-monitored CBI probes. It states apex courts have started performing the functions of the lowest rung of criminal justice system, taking over the role of a magistrate. At present, many high-profile cases like 2G spectrum case, Vyapam Scam, Coal… Continue reading Court-monitored CBI probes: Is judiciary overstepping its brief?