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Material for Essay Topic: Agriculture

Essay Topic: Agriculture Quotes on Agriculture ●        “Agriculture is the most Healthful, most useful and most Noble Employment of Man.” - George Washington ●        “Everything can wait, but not Agriculture.” - Jawaharlal Nehru ●        “The discovery of agriculture was the first big step toward a civilized life.” - Arthur Keith ●        “Agriculture is civilization.” -… Continue reading Material for Essay Topic: Agriculture

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Everything about Indian Farming and Agriculture

Indian Agriculture: A brief Outlook Agriculture accounted for 14% of India’s GDP in 2016-17 and provided employment to more than half a billion people. The share of Agriculture in employment is close to 54% as on 2016-17. Indian Agriculture is dominated by the small-scale farming and is characterised by low productivity. The average size of… Continue reading Everything about Indian Farming and Agriculture

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Women’s contribution in Indian Agriculture

Why are we discussing? The 2011 census figures shows only 32.8 per cent women formally as primary workers in the agricultural sector, in contrast to 81.1 per cent men. But the undeniable fact remains that India’s agricultural industry, which employs 80 to 100 million women and the sector cannot survive without their labor. What is… Continue reading Women’s contribution in Indian Agriculture

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Overseas investors continue to shun oil palm industry

The Hindu Issue The government’s allowed 100 per cent foreign direct investment (FDI) in oil palm plantations last year but has failed to draw even a single investor. Analysis India spends huge amount on imports of edible oil every year. Attempts to increase the area under oilseeds in India have not been very successful, but… Continue reading Overseas investors continue to shun oil palm industry

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Water Crisis: Why has it reached such proportions?

As the summer sets in, many parts of the country are said to face one of the worst water crisis in the history. Reservoir levels in many states have come down alarmingly. Also, drinking water situation in states like Maharashtra is equally alarming. Ganga, which was to provide water to 1/3rd population of the country,… Continue reading Water Crisis: Why has it reached such proportions?

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No sanctity for sovereign guarantee

Livemint Issue A mismatch between the value of stocks kept in warehouses and loans taken against them. Context It has been found that the stocks of foodgrains kept in the warehouses of the Punjab government are inadequate to cover the loan against such stocks, so the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has directed banks to… Continue reading No sanctity for sovereign guarantee

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From Plate to Plough — The big thirst

Article Link Maharashtra is facing one of the biggest water crisis in recent decades. In Latur, where the traditional sources of water have run dry, Section 144 has had to be imposed to prevent into a water riot. Trains carrying water are now being despatched to Latur. Even, the high court intervened in the case… Continue reading From Plate to Plough — The big thirst

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eNAM-National Agriculture Markets

Prime Minister Narendra Modi recently launched an online national agricultural products market platform that will integrate 585 wholesale markets across India. The launching of e-platform for marketing of agriculture products is being done with the aim to provide more options to farmers to sell their produce. This initiative is part of implementation of the roadmap… Continue reading eNAM-National Agriculture Markets

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Rashtriya Gokul Mission

Enhancing the productivity of the indigenous breeds of India through scientific management   Potential to enhance the productivity of the indigenous breeds of India through professional farm management and superior nutrition is immense. For this it is essential to promote conservation and development of indigenous breeds. The “Rashtriya Gokul Mission” aims to conserve and develop indigenous… Continue reading Rashtriya Gokul Mission

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Blue Revolution: 3000 crore scheme for fisheries sector

An umbrella scheme for integrated development and management of fisheries Approved by Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs (CCEA) It is Central Sector Scheme on Blue Revolution Will be implemented at an outlay of Rs. 3000 crore for a period of five years in all the states including North East States and Union Territories Key facts:… Continue reading Blue Revolution: 3000 crore scheme for fisheries sector