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The power to certify

The Hindu Context Recently, the Aadhaar Bill and the Finance Bill were passed as Money Bills, though they may not have met the strict criteria laid out in the Constitution. This meant that the Rajya Sabha had only a recommendatory role while discussing these Bills. While the Speaker has the power to determine whether a… Continue reading The power to certify

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SC upholds law on criminal defamation + A disappointing verdict + Speak no evil

What happened? The Supreme Court has maintained the constitutional validity of Sections 499 and 500 of the Indian Penal Code which criminalise defamation. Section 499 defines defamation Defamation.—Whoever, by words either spoken or intended to be read, or by signs or by visible representations, makes or publishes any imputation concerning any person intending to harm,… Continue reading SC upholds law on criminal defamation + A disappointing verdict + Speak no evil

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Uttarakhand: The way forward

The Union government suffered a major setback with Uttarakhand High Court quashing President’s rule in the hill state and directing ousted CM Harish Rawat to prove his majority on April 29th. The HC had also upheld the disqualification of 9 rebel MLAs observing that they have to pay the price for constitutional sin of defection.… Continue reading Uttarakhand: The way forward

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Not a court of everyday appeal

Article Link How? National Court of Appeal (NCA) By establishing a more robust judiciary National Court of Appeal (NCA) Establishment of a National Court of Appeal (NCA)  would act as an intermediate forum between the Supreme Court and the various high courts of India. It  would relieve the Supreme Court of the weight of hearing… Continue reading Not a court of everyday appeal

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Show Me The Money (Money Bill)

Article Link The Lok Sabha has cuccessfully passed the Aadhaar Bill that aims to ensure targeted services to intended beneficiaries by assigning them unique identity numbers. These numbers will be given to each person who has stayed in India for 182 days in the year preceding the date of application. The government, having seen the… Continue reading Show Me The Money (Money Bill)

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Section 124A should stay

There’s a strong case to retain Section 124A. Chapter Six of the IPC section 121 to 130 is titled “Offences against the state” which included the offences of waging war against the government of India a Collecting arms with the intention of waging such war. 124A, Sedition: “Whoever, by words, either spoken or written, or… Continue reading Section 124A should stay

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Dalit atrocities issues

The Dalit mobilisation that is gaining momentum in the wake of Rohith Vemula’s suicide reflects structural issues. Reservations have given birth to Dalit entrepreneurs and a Dalit middle class benefiting from government jobs. because of this, anti-Dalit attitudes have been on the rise. Cases of anti-Dalit atrocities  : The number of registered cases of anti-Dalit… Continue reading Dalit atrocities issues

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The Basics for Free Speech

Article Link It is generally understood that the contempt of court jurisdiction in India is exercised not to protect the dignity of an individual judge but to protect the administration of justice from being maligned. However, the recent notice issued by the Bomaby High Court to the Booker Prize-winning writer Arundhati Roy for committing what… Continue reading The Basics for Free Speech

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Religion and Women’s Rights

Debate over Religion Vs Women’s Rights is back in focus after the detention of over 350 women by the Police in Maharashtra. Hundreds of women activists were stopped by the police when they attempted to enter the Shani Shingnapur Temple situated in Maharashtra to challenge its 400-year-old tradition of allowing only men to enter its… Continue reading Religion and Women’s Rights

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Ensuring Privacy in a Digital Age

Article Link 28th January, 2106 was celebrated as the International Data Privacy Day around the world. The idea behind Data Protection day is to celebrate our right to data protection and raise awareness of the law in this area. Why this day (28th Jan)? It is because it was on this day (28th Jan), in… Continue reading Ensuring Privacy in a Digital Age