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Subsidies in India

Table of contents Introduction Subsidies: are they solution to a problem or are they themselves a problem? Subsidies and its opportunity costs Some subsidies led distortion in India Direct Benefit Transfers as solution JAM Trinity – Jan Dhan Yojna, Adhaar and Mobile base Conclusion Subsidies are one of the quintessential attributes of any welfare state.… Continue reading Subsidies in India

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Can India beat this slowdown?

Article Link World oil prices are not likely to recover anytime soon, going by market conditions. A further increase in supply, compounding the current glut, and a parallel contraction in demand in the major consuming nations, are likely to keep prices low. The ongoing fall in prices stems largely from simple demand-supply mechanics. Concerns: The… Continue reading Can India beat this slowdown?

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A, B, C of Blue Economy

“Blue Economy”: The oceans, which have always been a source of livelihood, trade, colonialism, storms and piracy, present opportunities and challenges.  What is Blue Economy? The newly set up Blue Economy Strategic Thought Forum India, under the auspices of the National Maritime Foundation defines the blue economy as “marine-based economic development that leads to improved… Continue reading A, B, C of Blue Economy