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Internationalisation of India’s Higher Education

Context India has an inspirational history of Nalanda, Takshashila and Vikramashila that served as the melting pot of scholars from across the world. Unfortunately, no Indian University is ranked in the top 150 universities globally. Only three Indian institutions – IIT Bombay, IISc Bangalore and IIT Delhi- find a place in the top-200 of the QS… Continue reading Internationalisation of India’s Higher Education

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National Medical Commission Bill

Recently, the National Medical Commission Bill, 2019 was passed by the parliament. The bill sets up the National Medical Commission (NMC) which will act as an umbrella regulatory body in the medical education system. Also, the NMC will subsume the MCI and will regulate medical education and practice in India. Apart from this, it also… Continue reading National Medical Commission Bill

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Essay Material for Education in India

Essay Topic : Education in India Quotes by famous personalities: “Learning is not the product of Learning is the product of the activity of learners” - John Holt “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world” - Nelson Mandela “There is no school equal to a decent home and… Continue reading Essay Material for Education in India

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Must for Essay:- School education in an uncertain world

''Imagine a world where everyone’s livelihood depends on success in some sport. Everyone can learn and train till they are 18. Then they have to choose to play some sport. But 99% do not get to play the sport they choose, they play a sport that is willing to accept them.'' Here is the all-important… Continue reading Must for Essay:- School education in an uncertain world

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Technology In Education: Are We Addressing The Real Problems?

Imagine two villages separated by a lake. The only way anyone can get from one village to the other is by swimming across the lake. How do you make travel easier? You could start a boat service or you could build a simple wooden bridge. You could even build a concrete bridge so that vehicles… Continue reading Technology In Education: Are We Addressing The Real Problems?

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India Created Its Own Education Crisis, But There’s Hope Yet

The recent report tabled in Parliament that more than 100,000 schools in India have just one teacher is an alarming wake-up call for the government and all stakeholders. However, it also offers a genuine opportunity to transform India's archaic education landscape now that a new policy is under discussion. Four significant challenges confront the education… Continue reading India Created Its Own Education Crisis, But There’s Hope Yet

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Draft National Education Policy

Objective The National Education Policy 2016 envisages creation of a credible education system capable of ensuring       Inclusive quality education and lifelong learning opportunities for all       Producing students/graduates equipped with the knowledge, skills, attitude and values that are required to lead a productive life       Participate in the country’s development process       Respond to the ever changing requirements… Continue reading Draft National Education Policy

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Thrift in education?

Livemint How much should India spend on education? The Education Policy of 1968, based on the recommendations of the Kothari commission (1964-66), decided that Indian public expenditure on education must be 6% of gross domestic product (GDP). This goal was reaffirmed in the New Education Policy of 1986 and its revision in 1992, with a… Continue reading Thrift in education?

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Inequalities in educational access in India-

Net attendance ratio (NAR) It is the number of students attending a particular section, divided by the total number of kids of that age group (expressed as a percentage). For Classes I to V— NAR is the number of children aged 6-10 years currently attending Classes I-V, divided by estimated population in the age group… Continue reading Inequalities in educational access in India-

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How efficient is Indian education?

Livemint Issue There is a need to develop a system where efficiency of our education system can be measured. Context With Right to Education (RTE) Act and Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan, the goal of ensuring universal primary education has been  aggressively pursued, and a significant quantitative impact in terms of the enrolment ratio has been seen.… Continue reading How efficient is Indian education?