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The ironies of Small States

Familiar questions of the political terrain— Political instability (once inelegantly called ‘horse-trading’) Containment of capacity of the anti-defection law The regrettable tendency of parties controlling the Central government to inexorably expand their writ The readiness of State leaders to violate their own obligations as representatives of the political public, and vitiate democracy Formation of States—Deepening… Continue reading The ironies of Small States

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Uttarakhand: The way forward

The Union government suffered a major setback with Uttarakhand High Court quashing President’s rule in the hill state and directing ousted CM Harish Rawat to prove his majority on April 29th. The HC had also upheld the disqualification of 9 rebel MLAs observing that they have to pay the price for constitutional sin of defection.… Continue reading Uttarakhand: The way forward

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A Ringside View of the Proposed GST

Article Link If implemented, GST will be the single most important tax reform in the country since independence. However, it has been in the offing for a decade now and continues to figure as a top priority on the economic agenda of the government. What’s the issue now? Although the model GST has been the… Continue reading A Ringside View of the Proposed GST