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Environmental Conservation with Grassroot Governance

Context Flood and landslides (Kerala) of 2018 caused huge financial losses and the same repeated in 2019. Considering the above scenario, powers and responsibilities conferred on citizens under provisions such as the 73rd and 74th Amendments to the Constitution, and the Biological Diversity Act, 2002 are being sidelined. Background The Western Ghats are regarded as one of the eight ‘hottest’ biodiversity hotspots in the… Continue reading Environmental Conservation with Grassroot Governance

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A bottom-up approach to conservation

Issue: The 2018 floods and landslides in Kerala that caused huge financial losses and manifold human tragedies were thought of as a once-in-a-century calamity, and that normalcy will return soon. Further, the probability of two such back-to-back events was only 1 in 10,000. Hence, in 2019, a repeat of the shocking train of intense floods,… Continue reading A bottom-up approach to conservation

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Indian River Linking (IRL) project

Article Link Summary: Water has now become a political issue for want of proper development and management of the resource. While millions suffer from droughts and floods, waters in the country’s many rivers flow unutilised, and are discharged into the sea every year. In the wake of this crisis, few experts have asked the government… Continue reading Indian River Linking (IRL) project

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The interlinking of rivers offers some solutions, but comes with a big load of problems

Environmental: Inbuilt in the linking philosophy is that the rivers flooding is a disaster and that it should be curbed. River flooding, in lowland areas particularly, is good for agriculture and ecology. If all human civilization and development are due to sustainability of agriculture then there is no earth process that is more beneficial to… Continue reading The interlinking of rivers offers some solutions, but comes with a big load of problems

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A, B, C, D of El Nino

What happens in a Normal Year? Peru Current = Humboldt Current = Cold Current. During normal year 2 things are very strong – Cold Peru Current and Trade Winds. As a result, cold water is dragged from Peru towards Australia. What would be the result of this exchange? Warm water region around Australia is called Western… Continue reading A, B, C, D of El Nino

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Explained: Why is Chennai under water?

While stormwater drains are supposed to be planned on the basis of detailed topographical data, their linkage with water bodies, construction along their course, and the design of roads have rarely been seen as part of a whole. As a result, drains constructed over the past decade have repeatedly proved inefficacious — and showed up… Continue reading Explained: Why is Chennai under water?