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India-Bangladesh Relationship

Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina’s four day official visit to India from October 3 to 6, highlights India’s deepening bilateral relationship and growing interdependence with Bangladesh. She addressed the India Economic Summit of the World Economic Forum. Historical Background India enabled Bangladesh’s liberation in December 1971 when it militarily assisted the erstwhile East Pakistan (now Bangladesh) to acquire freedom from its oppressive western wing which unleashed a massive genocide of… Continue reading India-Bangladesh Relationship


The bilateral transformation- India- Bangladesh Relations

Recently, in Bangladesh, the Grand Alliance led by the Awami League (AL), headed by incumbent Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina won Bangladesh’s 11th general election.This development has delighted her supporters.Experts point out that this election is also a milestone for the coming of age of a new generation which is aspirational and is tired of the… Continue reading The bilateral transformation- India- Bangladesh Relations