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Live-in Relationships

Meaning It involves continuous cohabitation between the partners without any responsibilities or obligations towards one another. The Supreme Court in Indra Sarma vs. V.K.V. Sarma defined live-in relationships as- A domestic cohabitation between an adult unmarried male and an adult unmarried female. Supreme Court on Live in relationships The Supreme Court has, in several rulings, held that… Continue reading Live-in Relationships

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Why Swachh Bharat Is Floundering May Surprise

Prime Minister Narendra Modi wants to see a clean India. To fulfill this ambition, he has launched the Swachh Bharat (Clean India) mission, a supply-side initiative which, among other things, plans to build 110 million toilets across India between 2014 and 2019. In spite of the government constructing 8 million toilets in 2015, worldwide, India… Continue reading Why Swachh Bharat Is Floundering May Surprise

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Time to put an end to film censorship

Recently, a committee headed by veteran filmmaker Shyam Benegal had submitted its report recommending a number of amendments to the Cinematograph Act, 1952. Central Board of Film Certification The Central Board of Film Certification (often referred to as the Censor Board) is a statutory censorship and classification body under the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting,… Continue reading Time to put an end to film censorship

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Alcohol prohibition

Recently elected Bihar government banning its sale and consumption to fulfil a key electoral promise. Issue Prohibition of alcohol Consequences of alcohol consumption Household impoverishment Domestic violence Premature mortality Is prohibition of alcohol a sound move? Prohibition is a very poor policy to address the consequences of alcohol abuse. No evidence.It has major negative implications… Continue reading Alcohol prohibition