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Economic Mobility and Inequality

Context There has been a phenomenal rise in economic inequality in India, especially in the post-1991 liberalization period. However, widening income inequality has raised questions over economic mobility in an inclusive way. According to the Annual Wealth Check report 2019 of Oxfam, the top 1% of India’s richest lot got richer by 39% as against just 3% increase… Continue reading Economic Mobility and Inequality

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Women are agents of change

Indian women are no longer “passive recipients” of the state’s welfare schemes, but active agents of change. Real development is only possible with their economic empowerment, the Supreme Court has observed in a judgment. They had become “dynamic promoters of social transformation that can alter the lives of both women and men.” The judgment came… Continue reading Women are agents of change

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Failing the Test of Gender

The Supreme Court of India recently ruled that appointment of archakas in Tamil Nadu temples as per the Agamas was not a violation of the right to equality. The Court said, the exclusive right given to a particular group or denomination to enter the sanctum sanctorum of a temple and perform rituals cannot be construed… Continue reading Failing the Test of Gender