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The collegium system

The collegium system The collegium system for appointment of judges to higher judiciary only came into existence following the Supreme Court’s judgment in what is known as the Second Judges Case (1993). Constituent assembly gave a central role to the Judiciary: These issues concerning the system employed to appoint judges to the Supreme Court and… Continue reading The collegium system

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Judicial Pendency: “Justice Delayed”

Context According to the Economic Survey 2018-19 There are about 3.5 crore cases pending in the judicial system, especially in district and subordinate courts. About 87.54 per cent of the total pendency of cases is in the district and subordinate courts. More than 64% of all cases are pending for more than 1 year. The average disposal time for civil and… Continue reading Judicial Pendency: “Justice Delayed”

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Judiciary Vs Executive – Judicial Appointments

The justice system is caught in a tussle between the committee of Supreme Court justices and the government over who has the final say on appointing judges. India’s 24 high courts should have 1091 judges. However, as many as 470 positions are vacant. Many are not happy with the present collegium system. The two decade… Continue reading Judiciary Vs Executive – Judicial Appointments


Judicial Appointments and RTI: Should It Be Allowed?

One of the landmark legislations of the country which actually transformed the nature of governance in the country and brought in transparency and accountability is the Right to Information Act passed in 2005. This Act mandates timely response to the request of citizens for government information. However, there are still certain areas where RTI should… Continue reading Judicial Appointments and RTI: Should It Be Allowed?

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Judicial Appointments: Why Is It Still Eluding Solutions?

In a recent confrontation between the Centre and the judiciary, the Chief Justice of India T.S. Thakur criticized the actions of the Centre over the matter of appointments of judges in the higher judiciary and for trying to bring the entire judiciary to a grinding halt. After the NJAC law was struck down by the… Continue reading Judicial Appointments: Why Is It Still Eluding Solutions?

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The judiciary is shifting the balance of power

Summary: Judiciary, in recent years, is increasingly being criticized for actively encroaching on the powers of legislative and executive authorities. “The judiciary has appropriated for itself a role far beyond its primary duties of dispensing justice and interpreting laws”, claim few parliamentarians. Few experts also claim, “step by step, brick by brick, the edifice of… Continue reading The judiciary is shifting the balance of power

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SC sends back draft on judges’ appointment

The Supreme Court has raised concerns over two issues in the draft Memorandum of Procedure (MoP) for appointment of judges including the one relating to government’s right to reject a recommendation on concerns of national interest. Other clauses include clauses on the role of the Attorney-General of India in the appointment of Supreme Court judges… Continue reading SC sends back draft on judges’ appointment

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Diffusing the judicial burden

Article Link Summary: The Supreme Court of India, as the highest court of the land, has a sacrosanct function to ensure that the country is governed adhering to the principles of the rule of law. It has evolved remarkably well, steering the country through thick and thin. It also has had a tremendous contribution to… Continue reading Diffusing the judicial burden

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Govt. cautions judiciary on NCA

National Court of Appeal (NCA) Already discussed, refer the following articles in the same sequence:- Constitution Bench to decide on National Court of Appeal Not a court of everyday appeal Additional Points Why NCA is a good idea: 1. The Supreme Court will maintain its place as the apex court of land and – like… Continue reading Govt. cautions judiciary on NCA

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Not a court of everyday appeal

Article Link How? National Court of Appeal (NCA) By establishing a more robust judiciary National Court of Appeal (NCA) Establishment of a National Court of Appeal (NCA)  would act as an intermediate forum between the Supreme Court and the various high courts of India. It  would relieve the Supreme Court of the weight of hearing… Continue reading Not a court of everyday appeal