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The power to certify

The Hindu Context Recently, the Aadhaar Bill and the Finance Bill were passed as Money Bills, though they may not have met the strict criteria laid out in the Constitution. This meant that the Rajya Sabha had only a recommendatory role while discussing these Bills. While the Speaker has the power to determine whether a… Continue reading The power to certify

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Liberate the legislator

Article Link Summary: Recent disqualification of 9 rebel MLAs in Uttarakhand under anti- defection law has once again brought back discussions surrounding the law to the fore. What is Anti-defection law? The anti-defection law was passed by parliament in 1985 strengthened in 2002. The 52nd amendment to the Constitution added the Tenth Schedule which laid… Continue reading Liberate the legislator

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Show Me The Money (Money Bill)

Article Link The Lok Sabha has cuccessfully passed the Aadhaar Bill that aims to ensure targeted services to intended beneficiaries by assigning them unique identity numbers. These numbers will be given to each person who has stayed in India for 182 days in the year preceding the date of application. The government, having seen the… Continue reading Show Me The Money (Money Bill)

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Explained-Parliament and its committees

What are parliamentary committees and what do they do? A lot of parliamentary business gets done in these committees, away from both Houses. The popular perception, that MPs work only when Parliament is in session (three sessions in a year), is a bit uncharitable. Every member of the House is a member of one of… Continue reading Explained-Parliament and its committees

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Misdiagnosis of the Rajya Sabha malfunction

Mohammad Tahir representing Bihar in the Constituent Assembly during the debate on the Constitution on July 28, 1947 said that “the Upper House is a creation of imperialism” and argued that independent India did not need it. To which Gopalaswami Ayyangar, replied that “the role of the Upper House is merely to delay legislation which might… Continue reading Misdiagnosis of the Rajya Sabha malfunction