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Voluntary Vehicle Fleet Modernization Programme (V-VMP)

The road transport and highways minister, in May 2016, released the first draft of the proposed Voluntary Vehicle Fleet Modernization Programme (V-VMP). The programme proposes to offer tax benefits and discounts to people who junk old vehicles and replace them with new ones. Its primary intention is to reduce emissions and the priority is to… Continue reading Voluntary Vehicle Fleet Modernization Programme (V-VMP)

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Government approves capital goods sector policy

The Hindu News First -ever policy for the capital goods sector approved by the Cabinet . Key points of the policy It aims to triple the value of production of capital goods to Rs.7.5 lakh crore by 2025 and create more than 21 million jobs. It envisages increasing exports to 40 per cent of production… Continue reading Government approves capital goods sector policy

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Now, a ‘tatkal’ system to expedite patent examination

The Hindu What happened? The government has amended rules and introduced several measures including a system similar to ‘tatkal’, to expedite examination of patent applications by start-ups as well as entities choosing India for the first filing of patent. Why this move? There are around 2.37 lakh patent applications pending in the country. The government… Continue reading Now, a ‘tatkal’ system to expedite patent examination

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Alcohol prohibition

Recently elected Bihar government banning its sale and consumption to fulfil a key electoral promise. Issue Prohibition of alcohol Consequences of alcohol consumption Household impoverishment Domestic violence Premature mortality Is prohibition of alcohol a sound move? Prohibition is a very poor policy to address the consequences of alcohol abuse. No evidence.It has major negative implications… Continue reading Alcohol prohibition

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Centre’s nod for NIMZ in Medak

Centre’s nod for NIMZ in Medak The government has granted the final approval to the National Investment and Manufacturing Zone (NIMZ) at Zaheerabad in Medak district, Telangana. The estimated total investment by the manufacturing industry by the end of the ultimate phase of the NIMZ’s development is Rs.17,300 crore and the employment generation is about… Continue reading Centre’s nod for NIMZ in Medak

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Cure for high medicine bills: A generics prescription law

Context The central government is considering the introduction of a law to make it mandatory for the doctors to prescribe generic drugs Why So that everyone can access affordable medicines from state-run Jan Aushadhi stores. What is Jan Aushadhi stores? ‘Jan Aushadhi’ is a campaign launched by the Department of Pharmaceuticals in association with Central… Continue reading Cure for high medicine bills: A generics prescription law

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FDI in E-Commerce – whom will it Benefit?

Recently government passed an order allowing 100 percent FDI in market place model of e commerce sector with some regulations and restrictions. The industry which has been growing at a phenomenal phase (1 billion $ to 14 Billion $) since few years, the 100% percent FDI in e commerce industry is welcomed with both prudence… Continue reading FDI in E-Commerce – whom will it Benefit?

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Renegotiation of PPP contracts becomes a reality

Article Link India’s finance minister Arun Jaitley announced three new initiatives on building infrastructure through the so-called public-private partnership (PPP) mode in the national budget he presented to Parliament on 29 February. The three initiatives are: Public Utility (Resolution of Disputes) Bill: It will shortly be introduced in the parliament to streamline institutional arrangements for… Continue reading Renegotiation of PPP contracts becomes a reality

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Quantifying the caste quotas

Article Link We have, in the past, observed that our political system wakes up only when the demand for reservation by a particular community turns into a violent protest. Even then, the government just confines itself to ascertaining demands of only that particular group. The government has never tried to re-examine the whole conundrum of… Continue reading Quantifying the caste quotas

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Internet Power to the People

Article Link By explicitly barring differential pricing or “zero rating” of data services on the basis of content, route or application, the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (Trai) has settled the net neutrality debate in favour of the principle of equality, spurning the blandishments of expediency. Globally, this is being seen as the most important… Continue reading Internet Power to the People