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Is India Ready For A Universal Basic Income Scheme?

Even after three decades of sustained economic growth and a proliferation of welfare schemes, roughly one in three Indians still live below the poverty line, according to the last report on poverty estimates submitted by the Rangarajan committee in 2014. While those estimates have been questioned, the fact remains that there is little dispute over… Continue reading Is India Ready For A Universal Basic Income Scheme?

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Poverty Line in India: Its Meaning, Concept and Evolution

It should be noted that ‘determination of poverty line’ and ‘identifications of poor/beneficiary’ are almost different things. Poverty line is (was) determined by Planning Commission on the basis of data provided by ‘National Sample Statistical Organization’ (NSSO). NSSO conducts a survey at 5 year interval of a mere sample to capture consumption patterns of various… Continue reading Poverty Line in India: Its Meaning, Concept and Evolution

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The measure of poverty

Recently, the government released data from the Socio-Economic Caste Census (SECC) 2011. There has been comment that hereafter, we need not have consumption-based poverty estimates using NSS (National Sample Surveys) data. It is thought that SECC data will alone be enough to estimate poverty and deprivation. Here, we briefly examine the differences between the two… Continue reading The measure of poverty

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How to measure poverty

What Panagariya suggested Tendulkar committee’s report should be accepted for poverty estimation for estimation of economic performance Socio-economic indicators should be used for determining the entitlement for benefits Tendulkar Committee Tendulkar committee was based on calorie consumption(based on Alagh poverty line) It suggested that the expenditure required to meet this goal should be the poverty… Continue reading How to measure poverty

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Splendid decade, human development in India

India’s ranking on Human Development Index (HDI) rose by a notch in 2014 — to 130 th  from 131st a year earlier. With a score of 0.609 on HDI, India stands well below the average score of 0.630 for countries in the medium human development group. But it is marginally above the South Asian countries’… Continue reading Splendid decade, human development in India

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Climate change can push 45 mn Indians into poverty

There were 263 million Indians living in poverty in 2011, according to recent World Bank estimates using a revised (Read more here) $1.9-a-day poverty line. Even as the government reins in health funding–as IndiaSpend reported earlier this year–with lesser money for states even after devolution, the report suggests greater investment in health infrastructure. This includes more… Continue reading Climate change can push 45 mn Indians into poverty