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Explained: What Railways restructure means

Why is it important? For GS Paper 2 (Contribution of Civil service), GS paper 4 (Morale of Civil servants) and Public Administration Paper 1 and Paper 2 Why in news? The Cabinet recently approved trimming of the Railway Board, the powerful body that governs the Indian Railways. From nine, the Board will now have only five… Continue reading Explained: What Railways restructure means

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Privatisation of Indian Railways

After privatisation of the Tejas Express (to be run by the IRCTC), the government is currently in the process of forming a task force to draw a blueprint for handing over operations of as many as 150 trains and a total of 50 railway stations to private operators. The Bibek Debroy committee recommended that the… Continue reading Privatisation of Indian Railways

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Bibek Debroy Committee on Restructuring of Indian Railways

#1. The process of accounting in Indian Railways is “very complicated”. “It is impossible to figure out what the rate of return on a project is” The financial statements of Indian Railways need to be re-drawn, consistent with principles and norms nationally and internationally accepted. #2. Streamline recruitment & HR processes Remove the multiplicity of channels of… Continue reading Bibek Debroy Committee on Restructuring of Indian Railways