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Jobs For Locals

Context Nativism, the cry for job protection of locals, is rearing its head again in India. The Andhra Pradesh Assembly recently passed a legislation that reserves 75% of industrial jobs in the state for locals Recently Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister also said that the state government is mulling a law to ensure 70 per cent… Continue reading Jobs For Locals

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No jobs in sight

Article Link With recent demands for affirmative action or job reservations for Scheduled Caste and Scheduled Tribe candidates in the private sector, debates surrounding quota have once again come to the fore. What has been suggested? Reservation in private sector has been suggested. Because providing quota in private jobs will help cool down anger among… Continue reading No jobs in sight

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Reservation demands: What’s the solution?

The issue of reservation has once again come to the fore. The Jats in Haryana have taken it to the streets demanding that they be included in the OBC list. This demand was considered by then Haryana state government in 2014 and the centre too had included them under the central OBC list in 2014.… Continue reading Reservation demands: What’s the solution?

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Quantifying the caste quotas

Article Link We have, in the past, observed that our political system wakes up only when the demand for reservation by a particular community turns into a violent protest. Even then, the government just confines itself to ascertaining demands of only that particular group. The government has never tried to re-examine the whole conundrum of… Continue reading Quantifying the caste quotas