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Privacy Judgement and the Aftermath

Context Two years ago, in August 2017,a nine-judge bench of the Supreme Court in Justice K. S. Puttaswamy (Retd) Vs Union of India unanimously held that Indians have a constitutionally protected fundamental right to privacy that is an intrinsic part of life and liberty under Article 21. It held that privacy is a natural right that inheres in all natural persons, and… Continue reading Privacy Judgement and the Aftermath

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What Apple versus FBI means for India

Article Link The ongoing tussle between FBI and Apple in the US has generated mixed reactions among experts across the world. What happened? It all started when the FBI sought access via a court warrant to the locked iPhone of Syed Rizwan Farook — a U.S. citizen who in December 2015 killed 14 people and… Continue reading What Apple versus FBI means for India

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Ensuring Privacy in a Digital Age

Article Link 28th January, 2106 was celebrated as the International Data Privacy Day around the world. The idea behind Data Protection day is to celebrate our right to data protection and raise awareness of the law in this area. Why this day (28th Jan)? It is because it was on this day (28th Jan), in… Continue reading Ensuring Privacy in a Digital Age