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Riyadh Summit

Recently, the Prime Minister of India visited Saudi Arabia to attend the Riyadh Summit, which is the third summit in many years. Southwest Asian sub-region has been under volatile circumstances, ranging from India-Pakistan tensions to crises in Yemen, Syria and Afghanistan. This geopolitical flux can get aggravated due to rising prices in the oil market. In spite of this, Riyadh Summit demonstrates maturity… Continue reading Riyadh Summit

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UN Climate Action Summit 2019

Recently, the UN Secretary-General called all the member states at the UN Climate Action Summit 2019 held in New York, US. The summit expects members states to lay realistic plans to enhance their contributions to climate change mitigation. The Paris climate deal provides a framework to stop climate disruption and reverse its impact. However, the voluntary nature of… Continue reading UN Climate Action Summit 2019

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United Nations Climate Action Summit

Context United Nations Climate Action Summit was held in New York. It was convened to identify urgent and concrete solutions to climate change. Mr. Modi’s speech It covered four important aspects of India’s climate action — the push for renewable energy, electric mobility, mixing of biofuel to reduce consumption of fossil fuels, and the Jal… Continue reading United Nations Climate Action Summit

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Negotiating with the Taliban

The recently concluded Doha Dialogue on ‘Peace and Security in Afghanistan’ presents a number of opportunities for the international community, as well as India, in dealing with the resurgent Taliban phenomenon. This conference was significant because key leaders from the Taliban’s Qatar office, the only one of its kind set up by the dominant Taliban… Continue reading Negotiating with the Taliban

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WTO Talk Explained!

The meeting is in Nairobi, but everyone is talking about the Doha round of negotiations. Why? Formed in 1995, the WTO has 162 member countries. In 1999, violent protests by activists shut down the WTO meeting in Seattle, US, forcing the organisation to restart the new round in 2001 in Doha, the capital of Qatar.… Continue reading WTO Talk Explained!