Why Shiksha IAS?

Why is Shiksha IAS Academy the most recommended IAS training institute in Bangalore?

Topic Shiksha IAS Academy Other Coaching
Course duration 15-18 months long 6-8 months max
Class hours 3 hours class a day 2 hours class a day
Strategy to deliver We deliver our course in 4 phases.

Phase 1– Start with basics and the reach to advance level with lot of mock tests.

Phase 2– Multiple revision with 70-80 mock tests for Prelims

Phase 3– Multiple revision with 30-40 answer writing mock tests for Mains Exam

Phase 4– Full interview guidance

No such strategy exist. They finish course within 5-6 months so no time left to do with.
Faculty Permanent and min 7-8 years of experience.

They also carry privilege of appearing in IAS Interview at least 2 times.

Temporary and hourly basis.

0-1Year of experience.

They themselves appear in Exam along with students.

Many times, not cleared Mains even once

Study Materials Our study material is prepared by our toppers only under the guidance of our excellent faculty.

We provide full updated materials with current affairs embedded.

W distribute booklets along with class topics for better coordination.

Freely visit our institute to take a look on our materials.

Their study materials are just copy-paste of some irrelevant books.

Most often, their study materials have been prepared 10 years ago.

So no updated materials are available and no coordination with class topics.

Current affairs We focus more on current affairs in synchronous with UPSC pattern.

We send link of containing news/editorials from various newspapers on WhatsApp or SMS.

Every 15 days, we provide hardcopy of booklet containing all news in details with probable questions and answers.

We conduct daily editorial analysis from various newspapers to increase the understanding of topics.

Most of skips current affairs as this requires a good team of faculty and lot of effort which is missing in most of institute in Bangalore.
Library We maintain our big room for library purpose.

Most of study materials will be available in our institute.

For doubt clarification, our permanent faculty will be available.

Most of academy lack infrastructure so not able to maintain library.

Since faculty is not permanent (hourly basis), so no one available for doubt clarification after the class.

Class strength We strictly follow limited seats class. We have the policy of 25 students per class. No such policy.

Sometimes few follow this policy due to less number of admission take place. So it’s not volunteer.

For registration or any other query, call us at 9986102277 or 9986103377 .

Thank you!